Digital with an analogue understanding

Manifesta’s specialty is development of digital platforms and applications, but fundamentally we are a communications agency with a special focus on technology.

This gives us a particular understanding of the digital platform being merely a structure for communications, be that one or two-way.

The ultimate goal is clear and engaging communications delivered by an exceptional user experience. An IT system needs to be at the service of its users, or it will not serve its purpose as a communication tool.

  •  Strategic

    We never produce anything simply to fit the specific task at hand. Each product is framed by a general communication strategy set to achieve your organisation’s goals.

  •  Integrated

    You don’t have to call ten different agencies to figure out strategy, concept, design and development. Manifesta works at all levels of complex builds, including with words and imagery.

  •  Design driven

    Stories of major digital applications that fail miserably due to a lack of user friendliness are not uncommon. At Manifesta we let design govern technology, and not the other way around.

  •  Value conscious

    We employ Spanish and Ukranian developers, offering a market leading cost/quality ratio. We have an office in Spain for this purpose.


Awards & Exhibitions

We are very proud that our in-house publication ‘Magasinet KBH’ has been awarded several Danish awards as well as been exhibited internationally.

Another project we have been heavily involved with,, has been featured in a variety of international media, such as:

Waremakers featured in


Anders Ojgaard

Anders Ojgaard


Founder of the company holding a double MA in Communications Science and Design & Architecture. Studies in Denmark, Italy and the UK.


Anders Ojgaard both lectures on cognitive communication and designs IT-applications.

This is a picture of what Manifesta is. We merge design and development of IT products with an understanding of human thought processes.

Practical stuff

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