In a word

Manifesta is a strategic integrated creative communications agency.

Let’s split that up:

  •  Strategic

    We never produce anything simply to fit the specific task at hand. Each product is framed by a general communication strategy set to achieve your organisation’s goals, be they more revenue, customer behavioural changes or just better coffee at the office.

  •  Integrated

    You don’t have to call ten different agencies to figure out strategy, concept, design, writing, printing and programming. We are happy to take care of it all. An array of proficiencies and a huge network comprise Manifesta.

  •  Creative communication

    We may work from strategic and theoretical standpoints, but what comes out the other end are created communication products. Something to bring an organisation forward and closer to its goals.

At the core of Manifesta is the merger of design with communications science. We design communication products based on a thorough understanding of human cognition. Based on what actually works, not what we hope will work or think might work.

Cover of Magasinet KBH 52

The story

Manifesta first saw the light of day in 2005. Back then, we were called ‘Magasinet KBH’ as the only thing we did was publish a magazine by that name. And publish we did. 57 issues all together.

In October 2010, however, we were forced to discontinue the printed edition due to a sponsorship that was not extended. This caused what can best be described as public outcry, and the case was covered by other national media.

As of January 1st, 2011 we focus entirely on putting our skills to work for our clients. Much of what we do is based on the years of experience as magazine publishers. Taking care of every aspect of publishing a major magazine is indeed a strategic, creative and integrated communications job.

world mapWe are offering you a dedicated team that approaches each new assignment with the same holistic mindset – and a global network that enables us to work both in Danish and in English and to take part in a global economy.

As a former print publisher who is now equally involved in digital media, we don’t get lost in technicalities and have an exceptional understanding of communicating across various platforms and media types.

Awards & Exhibitions

We are very proud that our publication ‘Magasinet KBH’ has been awarded several Danish awards as well as been exhibited internationally.

Our in-house project,, has been featured in a variety of international media, such as:

Waremakers featured in


Anders Ojgaard


Founder of the company with an unusual background holding a double MA in Communications Science and Design & Architecture. Studies in Denmark, Italy and the UK.


Anders Ojgaard handles all new business enquiries as well as being the creative head of the company. Big fan of running and travelling.

Practical stuff

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